For Irish learner drivers, speed limits are targets

Just a comment on Irish speed limits. Last night a wee boy was killed in a housing estate in Kilkenny, where apparently the residents had been trying to put up speed bumps for years. We have a similar speed issue in our place here in Dublin, where I see kids on bikes every day and motorists playing F1. Everyone sane of mind knows that in an estate, the likely scenario is that a child will jump out in front of the car so most people drive accordingly… I would hope.

Now – I’d like to contrast this with the way Irish learner drivers are being taught to drive. Apparently here, you are marked down for ‘progression’ if you go down a narrow and very residential road where the limit is 50 km/h at say 30 km/h because you’re afraid of killing a kid. I let you ponder the folly of that for a moment: you are told to speed up and hit the speed limit and you are marked down.

When I heard that, I’ll tell you steam came out my ears. I’d kick an instructor out of my car for saying something so stupid. Speed limits are not targets. The government says so. The driving instruction system of this country, however says different. *hits head against brick wall*