Is 4K Hype or the Next Big Thing in Pro AV?

This is an article I wrote specially for InfoComm, to support the InfoComm 2013 show which ran this month in Orlando.

Charting the emergence of 4K in the professional AV space and predicting its growth has a soothsaying quality to it, with analysts and integrators doing their best to predict the most likely future of a pro-AV industry on the cusp of 4K. Meanwhile the industry peers over the cliff and wonders who is going to follow digital cinema into the depths of Ultra HD, and more importantly, why they should invest in four times more pixels than the now-common HD format.

4K, Where Art Thou?

As the growth of digital cinema and its foray into 4K starts to tail off, other verticals are currently using or showing an interest in the avalanche of pixels that come with 4K.

“The projector market is going to want 4K in niches like visualization and simulation,” says Mike Fisher, senior analyst at Futuresource. “Oil companies, car designers, niche markets like military briefing rooms are all resolution hungry and are likely to be the first ones to bite. Not the mainstream corporate or education installations that run the internet, TV or PowerPoint.”

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The light behind the projector: trends in projector light source technology

A Mitsubishi projector from the 700 series

A Mitsubishi projector from the 700 series

Hot off the press, this is an article I wrote for the Integrated Systems Europe show daily, which appeared on Day 2 (January 30th 2013).

While lamps remain central to projector illumination, newer solid state technologies such as led, hybrid and laser light sources are offering more portable, longer-lasting and cheaper alternatives. “You don’t have to replace lamps, there’s no mercury and it’s quicker to turn on and off,” says Mike Fisher, senior analyst at Futuresource. “Brightness varies and in theory, colour performance should be better, but that’s still work in progress.” Read more of this post