Discussing Irish abortion laws and Ireland’s Budget 2014 in French

Here are recordings of the two latest topics I’ve spoken about on Dublin’s NearFM as part of French language programme ‘Qu’est-ce que c’est le Craic’.


Everyone’s a broadcaster – production and streaming

I recently wrote a two-part article for industry organisation InfoComm, examining how non-traditional broadcasting companies like churches or companies are increasingly creating and distributing broadcast content. The first article examined the production process – what is needed to ensure the creation of a broadcast-quality output. The second article examined the streaming of that content to mobile devices.

Everyone’s a broadcaster – part 1: Production

“We’re theologically conservative but technologically liberal,” muses Stan Yoder, associate technical arts director at Windsor Crossing Community Church (a.k.a. The Crossing). “We view technology as a mechanism, a tool to get the message out.” Read more of this post

First day at kitten school

He jumped like a spring, claws akimbo, to hang from the tree like a game of pin the tail on the donkey. His fur the colour of skimmed cream and his amber eyes as wide as saucers, he moved in jerky, playful  crawls infused with the panting headlessness of youth.

The creak of a door, a human step and off he shot, up the bark and into the branches like the devil himself was in pursuit, hoping to spear a feline delicacy for lunch. Higher and higher he clawed, first in blind panic and then stopping at intervals in the arms of the tree to paw a branch.  Read more of this post

The first time gardener: Swiss Chard

Swiss chard grown in Dublin, just cut and ready for dinner

Swiss chard grown in Dublin, just cut and ready for dinner

This year’s new project was to create a kitchen garden in my back garden in North Dublin city. The magnitude of this project can only be comprehended when seen through the prism of my illustrious botanical CV.

Previous experience with growing living things involved killing anything with leaves within a 2m radius, including two cacti. Apart from one hardy cheese plant I inherited from a departing friend, which has inexplicably survived for a decade despite sometimes not seeing water for 6 months at a time, I have managed to keep alive a grand total of zero plants.

Therefore, it is no mean feat for me to announce that today for the very first time, I harvested and ate something I grew myself. In my back garden. In Dublin. That beautiful thing is called Swiss Chard.  Read more of this post

Irish coverage for World Scleroderma Day

Two of my articles recently appeared in the Irish press to coincide with World Scleroderma Day on June 29th  in a bid to highlight this terrible disease.

I wrote both these articles based on my 8-month masters thesis project, which saw me produce and narrate a 45 minute radio documentary examining the life of sufferers of scleroderma in Ireland and the progress that has been made in understanding and treating the symptoms of this incurable auto-immune disease.

Woman’s Way magazine:

This article appeared in Woman’s Way magazine, dated June 24:

Womans Way June 24 Monica Heck scleroderma


This article ran on TheJournal.ie, dated June 29th and got nearly 20,000 views.


Is 4K Hype or the Next Big Thing in Pro AV?

This is an article I wrote specially for InfoComm, to support the InfoComm 2013 show which ran this month in Orlando.

Charting the emergence of 4K in the professional AV space and predicting its growth has a soothsaying quality to it, with analysts and integrators doing their best to predict the most likely future of a pro-AV industry on the cusp of 4K. Meanwhile the industry peers over the cliff and wonders who is going to follow digital cinema into the depths of Ultra HD, and more importantly, why they should invest in four times more pixels than the now-common HD format.

4K, Where Art Thou?

As the growth of digital cinema and its foray into 4K starts to tail off, other verticals are currently using or showing an interest in the avalanche of pixels that come with 4K.

“The projector market is going to want 4K in niches like visualization and simulation,” says Mike Fisher, senior analyst at Futuresource. “Oil companies, car designers, niche markets like military briefing rooms are all resolution hungry and are likely to be the first ones to bite. Not the mainstream corporate or education installations that run the internet, TV or PowerPoint.”

Keep reading this article on www.infocomm.org


20 ans plus tard, l’Irlande clarifie sa législation sur l’avortement

By William Murphy from Dublin, Ireland via Wikimedia Commons

By William Murphy from Dublin, Ireland via Wikimedia Commons

Vingt ans après le cas X, l’Irlande publie son premier texte de loi visant à légaliser l’avortement sur sol irlandais dans certaines circonstances restreintes. Le texte, qui devrait être debattu au parlement d’ici peu et être activé avant l’été, n’élargit pas les restrictions actuellement en place dans le pays mais clarifient légalement certaines zones grises qui stagnaient depuis 1992!

Depuis, les protestations sont vives du coté des “pro-life” (Pour la Vie – à l’opposé sont les groupes qui soutiennent le droit à l’avortement “pro-choice” – Pour le choix). Ces groupes pro-life qui vont jusqu’à poursuivre les membres du parlement jusqu’à leur porte d’entrée , leur écrire des lettres tachées de sang ou les menacer de mort.

Mon but aujourd’hui est de démystifer un peu ce sujet pour les francophones – un sujet, je m’empresse d’ajouter, qui est également mystifiant pour beaucoup d’anglophones vivant en Irlande! 

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