Copywriting services

Monica Heck

Monica Heck

I provide affordable copywriting to companies big or small in English or French.

Hire me to draft:

  • Press releases and trade show press packs
  • Marketing brochures
  • Case studies
  • Corporate identity
  • Web copy

If you’re interested I can also offer:

  • Creative marketing campaign generation
  • Social media strategy
  • Translation (French/English)

Why me?

I have over a decade of experience as a marketing manager in both small and medium business and large mega-corporation marketing.

I’ve organised and managed hundreds of events and trade show stands, written scores of case studies and press releases, filled pages and pages of web content, pulled together newsletters, published marketing research, taken charge of dozens of marketing communication campaigns and ran my fair share of webinars and press conferences.

I love making content look good and sound right and get a thrill from any marketing activity that helps the bottom line and actually brings in the money while looking classy, making sense and sounding genuine.

I dislike marketing cliches and words like “fabricated” or “state of the art”.

I combine a love of writing and an understanding of the world of business and commerce.

My qualifications:

B.A. in Media and Marketing (Liverpool John Moores University through DBS)
M.A. in Journalism (DCU)


I have a decade’s worth of experience in making technology sound human. I’m a writer and a marketer, not an engineer. I love the technology industry (IT and broadcast) because it’s full of exciting products and solutions that need to be expressed in words that non-engineers and business decision makers understand.

I also have a keen interest in culture, medicine, arts (in particular painting and street art), music and travel – see examples of my writing on the main blog. Therefore, I can write for any company out there – and I want to, diversity is the spice of life.

Rumour has it:

“Monica has a rare combination of great technical understanding combined with really creative writing skills. She understands deadlines, can integrate herself in a diversity of team structures and is driven to bring a project to fruition to the best of her ability. In short, Monica’s a great asset to our team.”

Bob Charlton
Owner, Scribe Technical Public Relations Ltd

Check out my LinkedIn profile to find out what others say about me.

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