Discussing Irish abortion laws and Ireland’s Budget 2014 in French

Here are recordings of the two latest topics I’ve spoken about on Dublin’s NearFM as part of French language programme ‘Qu’est-ce que c’est le Craic’.


The Marble Lady: the face of scleroderma in Ireland

“If…cancer, my particular cancer was put in front of me and scleroderma was put in front of me I’d pick cancer. Strangely. I’m better from cancer, I’m not going to get better from scleroderma.”

Unpredictable, irreversible, progressive and as yet, incurable , scleroderma is considered the deadliest of all connective tissue diseases. It’s estimated that 1 in 10,000 people will develop it.

From the Greek words “Skleros”, meaning hard, and “Derma”, meaning skin. It develops when the body produces too much collagen and hardens. Few people know about it yet in most cases it’s a life-changer and in some cases, it can kill.

Last year, I produced a radio documentary about this little known auto-immune condition, telling the story of patients in Ireland, mainly women and a handful of men, who suffer from this rare, debilitating and life-threatening auto-immune connective tissue disease. Read more of this post

NearFM: Delorentos, Little Green Cars, Heathers

NearFM Qu'est-ce que c'est le Craic?Calling all francophiles and lovers of Molière’s mothertongue: I recently joined French radio programme “Qu’est-ce que c’est le Craic?” on Dublin community radio NearFM to update listeners on the Irish music scene. We touched upon the success of Irish group Delorentos, who recently won the eighth Meteor Choice Music Prize, an award for the best Irish album of the year – for their third album ‘Little Sparks’. I also introduced Little Green Cars, The Sea Sessions in Bundoran and Heathers. To catch my music update, listen from 22min14 seconds on the link below. The full programme opens with a fantastic interview of newly appointed French deputy for Northern Europe Axelle Lemaire.

Francophones et Français D’Irlande: Emission du 19 fevrier – Axelle Lemaire, députée des français d’Europe du Nord nous représente depuis juin 2012 à l’Assemblée Nationale. Elle nous explique cette nouvelle fonction qu’elle est amenée à définir elle même et apporte notamment une bouffée d’air à l’Assemblée nationale en essayant d’ouvrir le débat franco français à l’international. A partir de 22min14: je presente la chronique musique: Delorentos, vainqueurs du Meteor Choice Music Prize pour leur album ‘Little Sparks’, Little Green Cars et Heathers.

Link to full programme:

Rencontre avec Axelle Lemaire, députée des Français d’Europe du nord. by Eléonore Nicolas on Mixcloud

NearFM: Lisa Hannigan, Le Galaxie

I’m running a regular music and culture slot on NearFM’s French programme, “Qu’est-ce que c’est le craic?”, literally translated as “What’s the craic?”. The programme, which runs on Wednesdays at 4pm for 30mins, is great for anyone trying to improve their French or get in touch with French culture. See below for a discussion on Lisa Hannigan, Le Galaxie and concerts running in Dublin over the bank holiday weekend. This week’s programme also covered French language speed-dating with Frenglish Dublin. After that, culture-vulture Catherine Gâteau speaks to us from Paris where she reviews Hopper’s gigantic exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.

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Avis aux amateurs de français! Francophones et francophiles à Dublin, ceux qui souhaitent se reconnecter au français, améliorer leur français ou se sentir plus chez eux à Dublin: cette émission est pour vous! L’émission française de NearFM s’appelle “Qu’est-ce que c’est le craic?” et passe tous les mercredis à 16 heures. Une rediffusion se fait le vendredi matin et elle est accessible en podcast sur le site de NearFM et sur la page Facebook de l’émission.

Présentée par Eléonore Nicolas, avec maintenant une chronique musique/culture Irlande par moi-même, découvrez l’émission complete du 24 octobre!

Extrait – chronique musique:

REM re-issue “Document”

When REM announced they were to re-issue a re-mastered version of their 1987 album “Document” in September 2012, I had a chat with Radio Nova’s Paul Moriarty on the lunchtime Rock Report to bring the news to fans who may still be broken-hearted over the band’s separation.

So for those who loved REM and want a bit of background on the group and its split, fetch a cuppa and have a listen to this recording I made during the summer.

Skip to 2min28:

Waterloo Sunset: The Very Best of The Kinks and Ray Davies

Ray Davies and about 80,000 voices just performed a majestic version of Waterloo Sunset at the Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics which reminded me how much I love the Kinks.

The great news is that they are releasing their Best Of album tomorrow if you’re keen to get a one-in-all Kinks fix.

And if you’re curious about the history of the group, I had a chat about the Kinks and this album launch on Radio Nova at the beginning of August – check it out from 4min50:


Aw a little shout out for me on the Radio Nova Rock Report

It’s quite humbling to see my name listed here with the ‘real people’ seeing as I’m only but a pup and am still cutting my teeth with the whole thing but practice makes perfect and sure seeing my name on the Radio Nova Rock Report list kind of gives me extra motivation to reach the perfect end of the scale!

I’ll post up the recordings (done for training purposes not egotistical adoration) at some point when I get over the horror of hearing my own voice (it never gets easier does it).