First European appearance for InfoComm’s Labuskes

David Labuskes

David Labuskes

This article appeared on Day 2 of the Integrated Systems Europe daily publication. All four editions are available for download.

InfoComm’s new executive director and CEO David Labuskes made his first European appearance at ISE on his 4th week in the job. After outlining his background in technology and architectural engineering, he commented on feeling privileged to be speaking on behalf of InfoComm at ISE2013.

“I would never have imagined a year ago that I would feel the sense of obligation that I do to the industry. It’s been an extraordinary introduction.”

Reminding the audience of the broad remit of the industry association, which currently counts approximately 5000 members, he highlighted InfoComm’s certification programme and the 3 certifications it now supports.

“We have over 8500 people certified with a CTS certification around the world,” he said. “We also provide a million sq feet of exhibit space to the industry every year with over 120 000 attendees. The scale of our involvement is extraordinary, in my opinion.”

Labuskes announced a restructuring of InfoComm’s membership this year, replacing a previous 10 to 15 categories with two classifications. Benefits to members have been added, including free standards, free admission to trade shows and free online classes like CTS prep which became available in January.

InfoComm also published the audio-visual service provider’s checklist, with 162 items that can be used to define the quality of an AV installation and offer “exceptional experiences”.


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