Free Meals for France

One of the most unique and uplifting concerts in the world is called  “Les Enfoires”. The concert is designed to support French charitable organisation “Les Restos du Coeur” founded by the legendary Coluche, which I want to talk about today.

Coluche brought rude humour to the masses (without ever indulging in vulgarity, according to himself). He gave the word “schmilblick” its rightful place in the French language alongside a “truc”, a “machin”, a “bidule” and a “chouette”; so much more expressive than the ever boring “thing” (though the Irish have a strong contender with “thingamyjig” and “yokemabob” and “whatchamacallit”). But most importantly, Coluche also fed the poor.

His death in 1986 in a motorbike accident left a big hole in the heart of French comedy and French popular culture. Laughed at, admired, feared, his life was marked by great achievements and the battle of many demons such as drugs and alcohol. But he is also remembered for leaving behind the French NGO ‘Les Restos du Coeur’ (Restaurants of the Heart) which he created a few months before his untimely passing. With the aim of helping the needy in France, Les Restos du Coeur gave away 805 thousand meals in the first winter alone and has distributed over 100 million meals in its 25 years of existence. What a legacy to leave the world.

With numerous actions during the year including the yearly landmark concert of Les Enfoires, this charitable organisation does a power of good work for the needy in France, cooperating with large F&B groups, French collectivities and the EU.

This year, French giants Danone and Carrefour are partnering with “Les Restos du Coeur” and I hear they are to provide 10 free meals to the charity for every article published on a blog, according to Danone themselves.

I admire this organisation for the dedication and creativity they have displayed since 1986. They are a true example of what passion, focus and marketing can achieve when combined in the right manner. I was sadly unable to attend the concert in Montpellier this year but this, I can do. And so can you! Just publish an article on your blog and send the link to:

Et n’oubliez pas: On compte sur vous!!!!!

Some facts and figures about Les Restos du Coeur


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