Well well well

April 21st:

Looks like I’m now due to leave this side of the atlantic earlier than anticipated… Have been booked on a toronto to london flight on thursday night… I suppose I should be jumping for joy, but I rather get the feeling that in the rush to get over the water I may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire, hopefully not taking a brief detour into the volcanic ashes on the way…

Also, well… London is not exactly Dublin and with the current situation in europe (airspace in ireland still closed for domestic flights to UK) I could be blogging my way home for a while yet as I attempt to get a train to Holyhead and a boat home… Anyone who has seen a) the size of my luggage and b) my record breaking projectile vomiting skills within 3 feet of water will appreciate the irony of that… Remind me why I live on an island again? :p

Anyway not getting my hopes up too much in case its all just a smoke screen… Or pie in the sky (does pie affect jet engines too?) ;) And so the adventure continues!


About monicaheck
Monica Heck is a bilingual freelance writer and journalist based in Dublin, Ireland.

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