Rocky landings and volcanic musings

April 19th:

Well Air Canada sure gives Aer Lingus a run for its money when it comes to rocky landings… I experienced just about the most terrifying landing in my travel career on the approach to Toronto (and that’s saying something, Dublin landings have been known to win that title hands down). The canadians added a cool skidding-sideways move to the usual roller coasters of ups and downs as hostesses pretended walking sideways is perfectly normal; we were blown around like a leaf, what was I expecting as i was in fact sitting in a metal tube with a giant red maple leaf painted on it I was kind of asking for it:) – oh come on people humour me, I HAD to write that, it was begging to be written, I promised myself that if I landed alive I would commit that thought to paper and now I have! I was honoring the memory of my near deceased but just about alive self, if you like…

Am now on canadian soil and have extracted what will become my fifth type of currency in 3 weeks. Have run out of storage space for it all and will have to go around with a disclaimer painted on my forehead should I randomly try to tip a waiter in Lebanese lira or pay for a cab in a mix of british pounds euros and USD… I even detected a yen in there somewhere but that’s just bad housekeeping on my part, I can’t blame the volcano for everything, more’s the pity! Just imagine, the volcano excuse is like the extended bonus 3D version of ‘ the dog ate my homework’:

Have you proof read this text? Nope, the volcano burnt it… Where’s that press release? Ask the volcano I think he smoked it! How’s that article coming along? Well its cancelled, the volcano ate my client!

That would make for an easy IBC on the press front :)

I digress… Business as usual tomorrow from Toronto!


About monicaheck
Monica Heck is a bilingual freelance writer and journalist based in Dublin, Ireland.

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