Island, Mountain, Glacier

April 21st:

I read a very touching article in Tuesday’s National Post which I want to share with you below. Christopher Hitchens writes beautifully about the volcanic situation and about Iceland in non-sensational and historic terms and from that article, I learned that Eyjafjallajokull is actually a combination of three words, meaning: Island, Mountain, Glacier… Such simplicity, such beauty in that name and as we have discovered this week, such power. I’m glad I know that: it makes the word pronounceable for a start and it gives “the volcano” we have been hating a personality… and maybe even a break?

You know, I have to admit that I’m starting to feel sorry for poor old Eyjafjallajokull… It’s been maligned for preventing us from getting home and pretty much messing up on all fronts – not only airline budgets but the entire worldwide travel network for the last week and yet it can’t help itself… it’s a volcano for the love of all that’s holy, that’s what volanoes are supposed to do! Erupt! Spit fire and bile! Remind us that we are not much, really, against the forces of nature when they decide to come alive…

A volcano is a direct connection to the centre of the earth and to the very centre of the birth of all life on this planet…. If we’re going to expect it to start acting all PC and purr like a pussycat, then I can only worry about a future where everything is sanitised… what place is there in our clockwork world for brute forces like passion, uncertaintly, fear and courage?

Anyway, the article by Hitchens is here for anyone who wants to read it:

Safe exodus to all!


Disclaimer: Despite this blog post, I retain the right to continue volcano bashing at any time should the circumstances warrant it (particularly if my flight does not leave tomorrow!). It will not in any way affect the rights of the volcano to be a volcano nor my rights to grudginly admire it and love its name…


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Monica Heck is a bilingual freelance writer and journalist based in Dublin, Ireland.

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